ASHRAE UK London and South East Chapter Webinar – Creating Zero Carbon Communities: The Role of Digital Twins

Smart Energy community scale initiatives are emerging around the World, which include bounded complex environments such as islands, university campuses, airports and large real estate developments. To realise the potential of such projects requires tools that can help planners, designers, managers and users make the decisions across a complex set of possible actions and investments. Digital Twins can provide the intelligent modelling, analytical and simulation capabilities needed, supporting the needs of diverse user groups including citizens and other service users.

The webinar covers the roadmap for the use of digital twins in the development of zero carbon communities and includes:

1. An overview of the key elements of digital twin solutions and their value in supporting community-scale projects
2. Examples from a diverse range of organisations that are using the capabilities of digital twin technologies to improve their energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
3. Demonstration of the key configuration processes and methodologies involved in the development of a digital twin
4. Recommendations for organisations getting started with digital twins, including limitations and advice on how to tackle the most common challenges
5. Q&A



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