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00:00 Intro
00:45 Climate changing
04:38 Climate victories
13:03 It’s whatever (Olympics)
16:21 Climate fails
23:09 Fossil fuel fails
23:55 Favorite climate victory point
24:53 Other climate news headlines
34:42 Closing notes

Source list- https://heavenly-sceptre-002.notion.site/Climate-Recap-Feb-1-14-5caaf46ede624530b94d43d4e9c14e51

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  • @Neilhuny

    Hurrah for the Return of The Goats!

    We salute you

  • @shaunaburton7136

    That's A really cool idea to put environmental protections into a constitution. People have a right to a healthy environment.

  • @philplasma

    Good news in Ecuador; yes, let's see that in as many places as possible.
    Also good news about the large solar farm in Louiniana and the wind farm off NY.
    Definitely good news about pjm having too many projects; and definitely bad news this will delay many of them. You'd think they'd hire more people or become more efficient…
    I'm not a particularly anxious person; so none of the sections are anxiety producing.
    Baaad news about India and the coal direction they are taking.
    I'm not asthmatic either, but curious indeed, I had no idea HFCs were involved.
    Baaad news about the US Postmaster and the purchase of so many trucks that aren't electric.
    The continued deforestation of the Amazon rain forest is probably one of the things that upsets me the most.
    Nice to see Heated in your run through – I'm subscribed to Emily's news article too.
    I'd have been good with your quick pass through of the news articles at the beginning, in the middle or at the end, or broken up and sorted into the 'wins', 'anyways' and 'fails' sections.

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