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BIKING Sport Cycling Accessories Anti-Pollution Anti-Dust PM 2.5 With Carbon Filter KN95

Anti Dust Face Accessory With Filter Activated Carbon Men Women Running Cycling Anti-Pollution Product

Activated Carbon Dustproof Accessory Are you now troubled by dust chemicals, smoke and particles, Do you want to enjoy a free outdoor life? Common Accessory ? It has no effect. Moving purifying respirator? It is large and burden That’s a good reason to buy this Activated Carbon Dustproof Accessory. Refused to be a human vacuum cleaner, wear a dust proof ,anti-haze Accessory. A Must Have for outdoor activity Suitable for dust, anti-vehicle exhaust, anti-pollen allergy, PM2.5, for cycling, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.



  • @rafaelaprende

    Can I wash these facemasks and all its pieces? If it is possible, how should I wash them?

  • @sgtube4026

    Buongiorno, ma quei “cosi” rotondi sono chiusi e servono solo per fissare il filtro alla maschera, oppure sono aperti e serve il filtro anche per quelli? Cordialmente

  • @nicoloboeri940

    Scusami ma quanto dura il filtro

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