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00:00 – Introduction and overview of recent robotics stories
01:20 – Sanctuary AI’s Phenix Carbon humanoid robot platform
02:13 – Figure’s autonomous AI-driven robots in BMW’s factory
07:11 – Clone Robotics and their lifelike humanoid hands
10:56 – Bill Gates on metacognition as the next big frontier in AI
14:09 – The importance of new AI architectures beyond scaling
18:08 – Gemini AI update delayed to June 18th 2024
21:06 – 11 Labs’ voice isolator for removing background noise
21:50 – Eureka, the world’s first AI doctor that can deliver real-world care
24:10 – The risk of AI systems making humans complacent and less intelligent
26:49 – Announcement of Grok 2 AI in August
27:04 – Meta’s 3D-Gen tech for generating 3D assets from text
29:07 – The challenges of developing reliable AI agents that can take long sequences of actions

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State-of-the-art LLMs are 4 to 6 orders of magnitude less efficient than human brain. A dramatically better architecture is needed to get to AGI.
byu/adeno_gothilla inartificial

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  • @TheAiGrid

    Get 4 months extra on a 2 year plan, plus up to 20 GB Saily esim data here: It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

  • @peopleofearth6250

    Robots aren't taxed but human workers are. How does that make sense? 🤔

  • @user-zs8lp3lg3j

    This is why we don't want humans ads to teach cognition. When humans ads teach cognition, postdiction shows up.
    Ai: Postdiction is an effect of hindsight bias that explains claimed predictions of significant events after the fact. Predictions are often vauge, open-ended, recycled, or statistically likely, making it easy to retroactively fit them to actual events.

    BTW we have to demystify health care. My desire turned on this hype. Give me what I like.

  • @JonHill-yj3lm

    When we get to the point on these things taking over a cme or something will wipe out the grid and send us back to the 1800's

  • @user-tx9zg5mz5p

    Humans need to unionize against ai and robots…

  • @jean-paulciantar5518

    Scaphism should be his next big thing…

  • @rickystarduster

    soon robots will replace those working in the worlds oldest profession

  • @rikardengstrom9133

    I can see exactly why i would like to have that hand installed beside my bed.

  • @soggybiscuit6098

    When bill isnt making record profits from the coof and experimenting drugs on africans. He also has ideas about helping humanity with AI wat a guy😂

  • @DailyTuna

    Why have a full humanoid when you can have partial, task specific like this stupid example at a factory?

  • @HaydenCharlesFTW

    clone is definitely a rug pull

  • @FieryStone


  • @user-lm4nk1zk9y

    Feel free to watch "I, robot" from 2004

  • @carlharrison3637

    Anything Gates says is something dangerous. That guy belongs locked up.

  • @dhhdjdjbfjdjdfjfj285

    Next video Talk about eureka doctor AI It is going to revolutionaze health care

  • @joschjosch8859

    Clone uses artificial muscles. It's like a bunch of soft robots.

  • @HardKore5250

    What about using JEST AI?

  • @dunebuggy5885

    The endless Next Big Thing from the tech world.

  • @umachakraborty8090

    Bill gates sir 👨👩❤️💕🌹❤️💕🌹

  • @samvirtuel7583

    "he doesn't reason, he only generates"…

    Why do so many people not understand what an LLLM is?

    Obviously he reasons just like we do, we are made up of neurons which only generate outputs based on input.

    LLMs do not generate words and sentences by chance, the internal network contains a simplified representation of the world and its operating rules, and it is on this basis that it generates its responses.

  • @angloland4539

  • @bobtarmac1828

    Gee, more swell robots. Is it too late to cease Ai?
    Will everyone be… laid off by Ai? Suffering Ai jobloss for years? Swell robotics doing everything? Then everyone made slaves for an Ai new world order?

  • @craigcarlin2918

    Gates is evil.

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