Last week, the World Bank said that India could soon be among the first places in the world to experience heat conditions that test even human survivability. That may sound a dramatic claim to make, it is clear that we are already seeing signs of the oncoming perils.

Sure enough, as with earlier years, this summer too we experienced a series of unexpected heat waves that made our crops wilt. Instead of an anticipated wheat surplus that could have allowed us to export more in the absence of Ukrainian wheat that went off the market because of the Russian war, we had to ban exports to protect local prices, something that obviously displeased wheat farmers who could not benefit from attractive international prices. The World Bank cites extreme temperatures in the period, with New Delhi recording 46 Deg C. March was the hottest month on record.

Could timely investments in renewable energy sources have helped avoid the current global energy crisis? We also look at renewable sources of energy, apart from solar and wind, we can tap into.

Script and presentation: K. Bharat Kumar
Guest appearance: M. Ramesh
Production: Shibu Narayan
Videography: Johan Sathyadas

#renewableenergy #solar #solarenergy #windenergy

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    Some other sources of renewable energy should have been discussed, India has rivers for hydal power generation and geo thermal energy as an option

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    Energy conservation is not about generating renewable energy alone, India's investment in railways and waterways is much required to reduce consumption

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