Nearly a third of all our greenhouse gas emissions come from generating electricity. Scientists agree that we have to find ways to make electricity without releasing so much carbon dioxide into the air. In this episode of Crash Course Climate and Energy, we’re going to tell you about some of the ways scientists and engineers are decarbonizing the electricity supply with energy sources such as solar, wind, nuclear, and hydroelectric and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Introduction: Decarbonizing Electricity 00:00
Electricity From Solar & Wind Power 2:05
Challenges of Solar & Wind Power 3:36
Hydroelectric Power 6:46
Nuclear Power 8:21
Why Carbon-Free Electricity Matters 9:52
Review & Credits 11:35


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  • @lorenzosalomone8635

    finally someone pointing that fossil fuels at equal production levels kills far more than nuclear. Sadly nuclear scares people more

  • @kc696969


  • @rlak1062

    From Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • @VexMage

    I totally heard that like the Adele song, "Hello from the Internet!" 🤣

  • @user-gl3ji7yi2n


  • @travisdonotsuscribegototjs9323

    Unless we can generate electricity from fossil fuel free from raw material to end consumer we will always be dependent on fossil fuels even maintenance of lets say solar farms and windmills require fossil fuels from gas for the workers cars to get to the solar farm to lube for the wind farms

  • @tashi7160

    She didnt even mention battery, which is the last piece of the puzzle.

  • @gelodude07

    The world needs Doc Ock to perfect his 'power of the sun in the palm of hand'.

  • @Dayglodaydreams

    Isn't fossil fuel more reliable than wind and solar?

  • @boost2jz

    Didn't even scratch the surface.. tough subjects with lots of depth..

  • @soaringAnn

    Great overview, thanks! Surely more to mention, but gives a good glimpse and direction for further research

  • @TheDaReel

    What about tidal ??

  • @arnoldsarmiento7158

    Nuclear is the way

  • @ac9206

    Go back to nuclear! Cause it takes more fossil fuels to produce wind and solar components than the savings from using… Wind and solar. Those have a net loss. Nuclear is a net positive.

  • @5414vivek

    Nuclear ftw

  • @Sophia-wx6ry

    literally eating pizza as my midnight snack watching this right now

  • @cameronwarttig1732

    Hopefully, this gets more than 100 thousand views

  • @ryn4181

    Oof. Calling the three nuclear accidents “devastating” smacks of anti-nuclear misinformation.

    And to call nuclear slow and expensive ignores that nuclear has historically been the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to decarbonize. It’s only slow and expensive because the anti-nuclear crowd has smothered it with regulation in an effort to kill it.

    It’s important for environmentalists to recognize that with nuclear electricity, we can also make process heat for things like clean hydrogen, desalination and future materials that require incredible amounts of clean hear to unlock. Renewables simply cannot make the 24/7 high temperature heat required to unlock these technologies.

    We must start calling for a nuclear-centric energy system. Smart people need to act smarter and stop bowing to anti-nuclear folks and their degrowth fantasy. We need big clean energy for everyone, not performative eco-bling that keeps us dependent on fossils.

  • @dhairyathacker3003


  • @emmanuelfinzi9066

    Well done for the demonstration! we must now explain how to stop and replace the 12,000 coal-fired power stations that operate 24 hours a day/365 days all over the world… good luck 😅Bravo pour la démonstration ! il faut maintenant expliquer comment arrêter et remplacer les 12.000 centrales aux charbons qui fonctionnent 24h/365 partout sur terre… bon courage 😅

  • @mackcullison6316

    Nuclear could replace all carbon based electricity by 2035 if we committed today. We could even pump up the dam reservoirs and use them as grid batteries.

    1 kg U = 6,000 gallons of gasoline, worth $100 and $30,000 respectively. Please, please, please talk about nuclear energy more in this course, there are plenty of resources to pull from.

    To disservice Nuclear is to disservice the environment. We have the clean power available to fix the climate crisis and electrify the world

  • @opeyemiodedere5152

    Awesome presentation!

  • @jl9088

    Speaking of clean energy, I have heard that there was an experiment where there was a group of high school kids that was able to invent sound energy, I wonder if that thing is still in progress or just simply abandoned. I hope we would be able to see them one day.

  • @jeffgold3091

    anything is possible if you don’t know what you’re talking about

  • @ssilversgs

    You didn't discuss battery storage at all….

  • @johndaisley6168

    The bucket analogy at 4:00 is a bit misleading. The electricity supply and demand need to be nearly equal at all times. There isn't some massive buffer like a bucket that we can take from if the supply suddenly stops.

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