Klimat X (TSXV:KLX) founder and CEO Dr. James Tansey discusses the shift in ESG trends and how corporate commitments toward net-zero emissions targets are resulting in greater traction for sustainable investing.

00:00 Intro
00:35 How carbon credits work
01:56 Deforestation and land degradation
03:12 How Klimat X is building carbon credits
06:06 Production of expected carbon credits
08:08 Key trends in ESG investing
10:32 How realistic is it for organizations to achieve sustainable investments?
12:24 Progress towards the next climate summit
14:10 The role of the private sector in reaching emissions targets

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  • @kellybogues

    I shall provide #NoCompliance with any of this nonsense.

  • @peterrozowsky4218

    😂 carbon credits is a scam!

  • @hangfire6368

    Marxist control strategy. Total scam.

  • @jerrymason3777

    Biggest scam in human history. But we can make money off it if we invest wisely.

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