Countries around the world are being told they must agree to phase out the use of coal power, to prevent catastrophic global warming.

Ahead of the latest climate change summit in the UK, nations have been negotiating a timetable to stop burning the fossil fuel, which emits vast quantities of carbon dioxide.

But many poorer and developing nations depend on coal for their energy. India is one country that is still building new coal-fired power stations, as it seeks to provide electricity for it vast population.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Rajini Vaidyanathan from the east Indian state of Odisha.

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  • @sakarkolachhapati9793

    This is not just India please add second India also which is nepal

  • @gangliezhu

    Developed countries ask India to reduce carbon emissions, just like a fat man asks a starving person to lose weight.

  • @carkawalakhatulistiwa

    Western hypocrisy

  • @whyohwhy3407

    Global warming is not going to get better! Families in West/Europe have one child- maximum 2 ( very rare now) What does India do?

    Income paida karo, bacchey nahin!
    Which translates to : produce income, not babies!
    Else you wont have ant resources left!
    Why do you think the first thing your PM wants to negotiate with any countries os, Visas and long residency for Indians! The only thing India can export in never ending supply-humans! And that is a factory that keeps producing!

  • @bajiraogujar1

    Coal power emissions per capita, G20.
    Annual average from 2015-2020, in tonnes CO2.
    1. Australia- 5.34
    2. South Korea- 3.81
    3. South Africa- 3.19
    4. United States- 3.08
    5. China- 2.71
    6. Germany- 2.37
    7. Japan- 2.08
    8. Canada- 1.27
    9. EU27- 1.16
    10. Turkey- 1.03
    11. Russia- 1.01
    12. India- 0.64
    13. Indonesia- 0.43
    14. Mexico- 0.19
    15. France- 0.12
    16. Brazil- 0.1
    17. Argentina- 0.04

    Source- Ember's Global Electricity Review

  • @gamerguide374

    Dont tell them. India will be gone with climate change, one problem less.

  • @richardcowley4087

    if it cannot be grown, it has to be mined
    nothing without bitumous coal and iron ore

  • @Vickielindstrander

    Coal "IGCC" is more thermally efficient than oil

  • @audiblebooksvideo7340

    Cover photo of BBC show racist mind set

  • @user-ib1vd7gi5i

    New world coming 13 years only Brahma kumaris movies video YouTube

  • @vamsikrishna9501

    Money needed for green energy transition for India : 1.4 trillion USD

    Money India got from richer countries : "Squat"

  • @Jake-rs9nq

    India isn't anywhere near ready to move away from coal. Investing in nuclear and renewables is great, but the poverty in India can't be ignored.

  • @chaseofori-atta2225

    I hope this gets resolved soon & the coal supply is replenished in beautiful India! Wishing for you all the best!
    -The Ofori-Atta Family

  • @TheFlagUnit

    There is no time. Enforce climate rules with force.

  • @TheFlagUnit

    No compromise. Sanction any country that doesn’t comply. India must obey. I don’t negotiate for my own survival.

  • @callofgamer4940

    Even if India wanted to phase out coal India needs alternative. Solar and wind are not enough for a huge nation like India. India needs nuclear energy. That's why India deserves to be a member of NSG group in order to obtain nuclear technology as well as raw materials which are impossible without NSG.
    Blaming developing nations like India won't help in climate fight. Helping developing nations by developed nations will.

    Those who saying India has nuclear warheads so that they would have nuclear energy. That's why people say a little knowledge is always dangerous. Uranium required for both warhead and energy reactor. But India gets only limited amount of Uranium as it isn't NSG member. Those limited Uranium are needed for nuclear warhead maintenance as India is surrounded by hostile nuclear nations. That's why India can't produce enough nuclear energy that will replace coal energy.

  • @unkaren8736

    Western Countries are PRO in over exploiting resources and are lecturing a third world nation

  • @truthinyourface7345

    India’s problem is democracy
    And religion
    India learn from China

  • @vaibhavkumarbiradar4776

    India ranked 10th in Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2021 so well ahead of China and USA

  • @i.novitsky9291

    #CreativeSociety #GlobalCrisis #AllatraUnitesπŸŒπŸ“’πŸŒπŸ“£πŸŒŽπŸ•ŠπŸ™

  • @dougnuttall8413

    I converted a council house as part of CLG's retrofit for the future in 2015. I installed air source heat pumps and solar thermal. There was some massive problems:

    1. The heat pumps were noisy and bulky.

    2. You need to fit a hot water boiler, where if your house is small?

    3. The heat when you want it is not responsive as gas heating so you need to plan when you want to be warm.

    4. Heat pumps , ground or air, only work effectively if the property is totally insulated and virtually air tight. I had to fit 100mm thermal insulation to all internal walls.

    5. Double glazing wasn't effective. I needed triple K glass

    6. The control device is complicated and needs summer/winter timing programs

    7. I also fitted solar panels, but the roof was not new/strong enough to support the panels and needed to be replaced.

    8. I wanted ground source heat pumps but you need to bury several large coils 10ft into the ground/garden.

    Total cost Β£143k

    After 12 months with a tenant the heat pump had to be removed as they couldn't work it properly. All in all its sounds a good idea for middle/high income earners but your average tenant in a 1940's semi will never be able to have it.

  • @ivannovitskiy9518

    #CreativeSociety #GlobalCrisis #AllatraUnitesπŸŒŽπŸ“’πŸŒπŸ“£πŸŒπŸ•ŠπŸ™

  • @yashwardhanpatil5581

    This what I expected from britishers to show the poverty.

  • @tejas9231

    This is a misleading video.
    India is increasing its coal production because international price of coal has sky rocketed. Price of coal from Indonesia has increased to $125 from $45.
    India is one of the most coal producing as well as importing countries.
    Government clearly said that they are increasing production so that they don't need to import at cauz rising coal price can impact economy and budget.
    Also India's is doing great in renewable energy. It has set a huge target of 450 GW by 2030 and already achieved 100GW

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