The Tuskegee Experiment, CIA’s Tibet Fund, Operation Northwoods… Today, we’re exploring conspiracy theories that went from being dismissed as mere fantasies to being confirmed as reality. Whether it’s hidden agendas, covert operations, or clandestine experiments, these stories will make you rethink what’s really happening behind the scenes. Let’s get started.

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – The Tuskegee Experiment
02:23 – Nayirah Testimony
03:38 – CIA’s Tibet Fund
05:21 – CIA’s Assassinations
07:07 – Operation Paperclip
08:54 – Bad Booze
11:20 – Exxon Climate Predictions
12:52 – Operation Northwood
15:40 – Outro

1) iCONS from
2) The Tuskegee Experiment
3) Nayirah Testimony
4) CIA’s Tibet Fund
5) CIA’s Assassinations
6) Operation Paperclip
7) Bad Booze
8) Exxon Climate Predictions
9) Operation Northwoods



  • @doodle_explainer

    Guys, which conspiracy theory was the creepiest? 💀💀💀

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