Limited seats! Hurry up! GLOBAL STARTUP SUMMIT 2023 | Mumbai

Global Startup Summit

The goal of the Global Startup Summit 2023 | Mumbai is to bring the startup community together. It serves as a platform to support the Indian startup ecosystem and a project to close the funding gap for entrepreneurs & provide high quality industry insights and future ideas.

This is a co-organized event by भारत Entrepreneurs’ Conclave.
Global Startup Summit is powered by 3x events, Mojo Startup, Change Catalyst.

There will be 8hr+ of in-depth information sharing from professionals during this full day event for entrepreneurs.
There will also be plenty of opportunity to network with investors and business leaders and get recognised for your accomplishments.
A long-awaited opportunity to launch your thoughts, promote your startup, give investors elevator pitches, and acquire funding!
Startups should take advantage of this opportunity for open networking among a variety of startup founders, consultants, agencies, freelancers, and investors in order to foster lifelong relationships. create networks, synergize, and produce.
As the summit relocates each month to a different city, it will honour the top 50 startups in each city for their significant contributions to the market and environment.

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    Reply great plat farm for start up

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    Great Event..!!

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