Guy Swann talks about the shocking reality that half of America supports the other half through government spending. Uncover how the Bitcoin environment challenges this unsustainable system and why a revolution might be inevitable.

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    the top billionaires have over 1 trillion dollars..
    If you gave everyone 1 billion..
    They would still have
    700 000 000 000
    They would still have over 7 hundred billion.

  • @user-jr1qy4rv5u

    Oh no, they're going to do it because the billionaires and trillionaires are going to give people money to live off. But it's going to be like a credit card and they could spend whatever they want to eat and go wherever they want, but when they want to drive a car known A. House, they'll have to work and that work is going to be with robots and smart cars and electronics if you want to be. Bett.
    ER and bigger than what you see, now what people are driving. They're gonna give people $20000 a month these billion in trillions, and it's going to be on a card like government assistance, and when they spend these children are going to get a kick back when they spend so there's. No Robin in stealing, but when you want to drive a car a nice car and you want to work, you'll have to work like electronics. There's something like garbage in recyclable stuff

  • @thorie79

    Inflation needs to be constitutionally illegal. It's a tax, plain and simple. If they want to raise money, use plain, visible, clear taxes. This is a fundamental human right, as important as free speech.

  • @fredhampton3393

    buy Bitcoin

  • @fakeoutrage-mh7pu

    Too many common people were making money with crypto and they couldn't control it.

  • @justincredible6815

    They were the ones who created it so they could move billions around in darkness

  • @gratefulmjp1

    I want to start and say i love this channel.
    But, its weird, at first – starting with no knowledge about btc – the more i learned the more excited i got. Fast forward 5 years, the further i dig into Bitcoin, the more terrified i get…
    Riddle me this: if central banks have unlimited money = unlimited power and something comes along to replace you, all you would do is spend all you time, money, and power to destroy it. And i think the easiest way would be to infiltrate it, bastardize it, co-opt it, and join them – all behind the scenes…
    This has all already happened. Change my mind.

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