‘Urbanization is the norm of the day. We cannot reverse it. So going green is the only option. As developers, it is our duty to the next generation’, says Sandeep Sonigra, founder member of the Orange County Group in Pune, Maharashtra. While Sandeep was always environmentally conscious in his work, his ideas found a clear direction when he first came to know about GRIHA.

GRIHA is India’s National Rating System for green buildings. It measures the environmental performance of a building based on a set of criteria. On the basis of their score, buildings are awarded between 1 to 5 stars.

This video brings out the voices of developers, residents and city authorities in Pune who have adopted GRIHA rated buildings and have found it to be valuable in their own contexts



  • @AcupunctureCure

    What about using limestone in roofing?

  • @vaibhav18111974

    for better cooling also can we use lime, soil and Indian cow dung sir

  • @bala1041

    Great job sandeep sir , i like u use lime instead of cement

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