Stirling Council recently commissioned a local heat network to serve Forthside, a key regeneration area near the city centre. Currently serving a number of institutional users, it will progressively provide heat to new buildings within a wider master-planned mixed use development, a key component of the Stirling/Clackmannanshire City Region deal.

The presentation will provide an overview of heat networks from a planning perspective, touching on technical aspects, current national policy context, European perspectives and emerging Scottish Government legislation and policy aspirations. The Forthside project will then be examined in more detail – initiation, installation, commissioning and operation.

Speakers: Guy Milligan (Principal Consultant, Energy Strategy & Planning Ramboll UK), Roz Smith (Sustainable Development Project Officer, Stirling Council) and Richard Callender (Senior Planning Officer, Stirling Council).



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    Hey it worked in soviet Russia, so why not…..

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