Ideation on a problem to solve/product to build based on the profile of the founder and market dynamics, including the development of the first hypothesis.
In this podcast, we will discuss the main use cases of how startups are born and the process of evaluating ideas, and how founders should think about their startups. .
We will go into detail on three themes:
1. Startups are founded through the personal problems of founders. What are the premises you should look for
2. Startups are created through the domain expertise of the founder.
3. Startups created by newcomers looking at the industry from the first principles (Tesla)
4. Startups are created by accurately predicting the future (Alchemy)
We will discuss these cases and frameworks you can use to analyze them, such as Jobs to be done, market inflections, and leveraging geographic asymmetries.

Georgi Koreli
• MBA/MS at Stanford University;
• 2x Founder, currently CEO and Co-Founder of novelty – web3 cross-border lending platform and the host of Dinners with Silicon Valley Icons;
• 2x Sambo World Champion, spent 5 years in credit and investing, 2 years in marketing.

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How to Evaluate Startup Ideas

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  • @alexeyzolotarev7296

    Georgi, Daniel, thanks a lot! this is a really valuable piece of information 🙂

    Can you recommend any ideation forum or club? I think you are a mentioned about it 🙂

    Or some hints on how to run it 🙂

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