Y Combinator is a famous Silicon Valley startup accelerator where Airbnb, Coinbase and Reddit all got their start. This startup school has backed companies now valued at $600 billion. Emily Chang met with Y Combinator CEO and President Garry Tan to discuss his roots as a founder who went through Y Combinator himself, to his return as the accelerator’s current CEO. They discuss what it takes to be a great founder, the Silicon Valley Bank crisis, how Mr. Beast schooled Tan on his content creating, and the fate of San Francisco.

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  • @GarryTan

    Big thanks to Emily Chang and the team at Bloomberg for having me on The Circuit. Huge honor and super fun to be on.

  • @aaroncrandal

    8:17 "why haven't you solved the problem of female representation in the technology space?"

  • @Merlin_The_Magician

    I love how she thinks it’s his fault for women not being there 😂 she’s so dumb

  • @extraclips4192

    Ha 😂Red Rock coffee 😮…I lived in this area years ago, and this was the most hipster coffee shop that I had never seen in my life… For curious people, 201 Castro St ( Mountain View, California)…I missed 😢the vibes of this lovely area

  • @astr0nox

    I note that the subtitles are not a direct transcription of the words spoken, but a transliteration that makes the content clearer. Well done Bloomberg!

  • @lucas.hahn2027

    Yeah that women question was awkward and uncalled for

  • @denisgushchin4722

    hello, i started the last week and dont have experience at all in this binary world. I will try tomorrow the steps of this video, i will write you after i try it. Thank you for the video.

  • @RadicalNuance

    There’s no women because YC screens for extreme skills that happen to favour the very end of the Pareto distribution – and male/female bell curves are slightly offset, making the tail end all males. Same reason prisons are 99% male by the way. Surprised Gary doesn’t just explain this basic statistical truth.

  • @moonshine9278

    Not just women but also ppl of color. Representation really does matter.

  • @mijailelenes9796

    May 1000 lotus bloom 🦊🫡🥋

  • @itsmeazizi8087

    so this is the start where the apocalypse of humanity

  • @lucianconstantin941

    The interviewer…. the audacity
    Asking this dude twice about why there are not enough women in the field, and how he gonna fix that.
    Women are lazy, want easy jobs but payed a lot. The bar should not be lowered just so women can get in. But this interview is happening in America so ofc he's not gonna be honest about it.
    I despise the whole ideea that why women are not IT Mogules like some of the guys mentioned, who worked hard and went trough rough times just to make it
    Get to work ladies, stop wining and asking for special treatment. That's why men of all ages cant take you seriously

  • @lunamonteiro96

    OMG Gary is amazing

    Nevermind I hate him

  • @AbelhaOperaria-tm3yg

    O dublador do entrevistado está muito baixo

  • @TheAINoobxoxo

    remember the 5 ppl u r with decide ur future

  • @MileyHumphrey-ql4jp

    My dividend journey began when I realized that two particular expenses in my budget were always going to go up and never go down. The two expenses were taxes and insurance. I realized that the dramatic rise in both will need some added income. So, I started buying shares paying dividends. I can now see that this will be the path I need to take to make sure those two expenses will not overtake my future income.

  • @tbprofile1295

    2:38 Presumably his father wearing a University of Manitoba hoodie. Garry was born in Winnipeg .

  • @joejojoe

    hope we can make you proud garry :>

  • @bullpaxton2001

    crazy to see people stanning vc bros… I feel like investment culture is a corruptive force in america. "Innovation to make the world a better place" kinda doubting that line these days.

  • @swapnilchand338

    @20:43 hi elon!

  • @astridrivaspoma8722

    Muchas gracias excelente entrevista desde Perú 🇵🇪❤

  • @EcomCarl

    His perspective enriches our understanding of how strategic guidance, more than just funding, is crucial for transforming innovative ideas into successful enterprises. 🚀

  • @jonassteinberg3779

    Garry made it from the bottom, wow.

  • @exvandalz8095

    "Heeeeey…. there are no blacks in this photo…". Chick went in and made it about feminism. Couldve easily change "females" to any other demo. "Hey there are no old people in this photo". Hate to break it to ya, not many female coders in 2009

  • @dianamuturia3815

    “That’s something we’re still working on” nothing is actually being worked on.

  • @NicholasPalance

    You both rock!

  • @dragonmaster909

    Discrimination will always exist in this world

  • @parris145

    So, Emily asked where are all the women , where are all the black people?

  • @rickywatcher282

    8:57 How many companies have come through these doors?

  • @user-hk9ot6yw6i


  • @codylim1

    Finished watching 24:01

  • @anandm1294

    Anchor: Where is the women( like its YC's Mistake!)

    Who is Stopping women. Its 2024 stop being that toxic feminist.

  • @HarshGuy

    Expired bread …..😶 Tears in my eyes

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