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In this video, we wanted to test a method of making recycled plastic beams using our DIY recycling method melting milk bottle tops on our panini press. We came up with a simple mould made mostly from construction materials and some aluminium angle. Then we heated up the plastic and compressed it in there.

We were super surprised with how this came out. If you guys can think of a way to make this process quicker, then this could be a feasible way to make beams from recycled materials at home. Drop a comment below with any ideas you have! Thanks for watching ♻️🤙🏽

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  • @lewiscruz3818

    No this does not solve the entire waste plastic problem and no it does not really replace wood or steel beams in construction, as so many geniuses have pointed out in droves in these comments while missing the point entirely.

    But that is not the real point is it?

    The real point is that this is a creative and "outside the box" method for putting to use stuff we were going to just throw out entirely and let it sit unused in the landfills.

    Does it have to be used as a replacement or substitute beam for your deck or load bearing beam in your house?
    No, not at all and no one said that you must do that at all in the first place.

    But if you use your brain, anyone can see big potential for many other uses for this method if refined and improved.

    Could be useful for creating many other shapes for decorative coverings and finishes too, and not just limited to one use or application only.

    Wow there are so many – "I use a hammer for every problem I encounter" people out there.

    It is just a video showing creative humans using their brains and imaginations to try to make use of things that would be wasted and just tossed unused. However, now that throw away plastic will be put to use and less will go into the land fill.

    Why do most people state the obvious right off that bat?

    Of course not one simple idea will just solve a complex issue like our dependence on waste, but these folks never claimed that either.

    I say bravo and good thinking on trying something out in the first place.
    And by sharing their ideas it spurs others to think creatively (at least those of us who have the capacity to) to try to come up with alternatives as well.

  • @lburg3780

    Reminds me of the marble transitions used in flooring. Or the side panel for countertops.

  • @JohnMSam-Verz

    May I ask when this plastic melt and make chopping boards, is it safe?

  • @2ndlooks

    Idea… you properblye have tried this: put the caps in the oven as well…. won't it be faster? 🙂 I don't know… just a thought. 🙂

  • @EJackson82

    With as many milk bottle caps as you use, I can only imagine that your bones are strong as fuck. Wolverine shit goin' on.

  • @barnyardbrio7597

    so badass!

  • @michaelgroce966

    This was amazing. I work to many hours to replace my garden boards with this, but I wish I could!

  • @elarcadenoah9000


  • @zamboanganbeats

    What breathing equipment do u use? I would assume that the fumes wouldn't be that healthy for you

  • @wolffang489

    Longest bar of soap I've ever seen.

  • @wolffang489

    Extrusion is probably the stronger option. Polymers aren't fibrous like wood but if extruding metal can align the grain, then it can't hurt stretching and aligning the polymer chains.

  • @blobfish2755

    Could see this being used with glass fiber to make a high performing composite

  • @John_mwansa

    C'est très intéressant, pourquoi vous pouvez pas utiliser aussi le plastique transparent, je pense que c'est aussi l'une de plastique le plus répandu.

  • @allahuakbar177

    Qızmar günəş istiliyinnən Evin tavanının əriyib tökülməsi üçün yaxşı reykalardı 😂 👍

  • @iang133

    Needs to be done at scale. Use wood for the heat. Its carbon neutral and has extreme amounts of BTUs

  • @landonstevens7381

    You should've wacked it🫠

  • @GiantoTrevallyo

    Lembaran hitam untuk alas ketika dimasukkan ke oven, itu karet atau besi atau apa?.

  • @petes3011

    have you looked at making L, C or H shaped bars.? These sections are everywhere in steel construction as they are much more economical / lighter and as strong as solids bars while using less raw material. They also connect (bolt) more easily throgh their flanges (plastic welding ?). I had plastic meccano as a kid inc the bolts. Your bottle caps look very new, clean and unscuffed.? Collecting enough raw material is difficult domestically, ironically.

  • @viridiangreen8259


  • @zanitalh7486


  • @angelfuturejob

    911: What’s your emergency?
    Me: my house is melting!
    911: You mean your house is on fire?
    Me:No my house is melting!
    911: What is your house made of?

  • @Bibi.C.

    It Looks like epoxid,wow🤩

  • @scarletletter4900

    I love how you make merhods that can be readily built on.

  • @yudha_saputra

    My suggestion is for this plastic waste, made for furniture, water pipe for modern agricultural irrigation, disassembled dumbbells etc

  • @maniakmik65

    That beam is gorgeous like marble. If you could polish it so it shines you can make all sorts of things that don't need to be a strong as a wooden beam.

  • @ajayatalwaar-om5cv

    Okay so if the plastic beam turns out to be strong imagine what kind of potential would it hold.

  • @Vaan4756346

    Isn't it risky to melt plastic at home because of toxic fumes?

  • @KevinTurnbull-he1dj

    Could you use a slow cooker. That way, you could keep it hot whilst melting other ways. 🤔

  • @Suzuki_Hiakura

    One way that could better heat the plastic without the need to worry about fumes would be to have it in a closed vacuum. There are some induction heaters that can heat metal without needing to touch anything, and having surrounding a metal container holding the plastic, inside a vacuum chamber, would give the heat very few places to go from the metal other than the plastic.

    Definitely would need work to do, so as to not get to hot or melt (melt the metal anyways), and as its already in a sealed chamber, you could have an exhaust that draws the air out when the pressure comes back.

    Of course, this is only my over the top idea to help speed up the melting process, though I figure an extruder would be far easier and simpler to use… also likely not require custom engineering.

  • @orsonzedd

    I think you should scale this process up. I'm sure your panini press would be thankful for the relief but for the most part I think that you could probably sell this if you could produce them at scale

  • @toriminzey3428

    Animals houses!!! It would take forever to make with just me but I’d do it specifically from plastic!! This is an awesome idea!! But what about like water bottles juice bottles like Gatorade?? There’s sooo many of them and would love to figure out how to use them !

  • @qusaighia9918

    How do u deal with the plastic fumes?? Do u wear masks of some kind??

  • @natesturm448

    It may not completely solve waste but it sure does help with it. I can think of a 1000 things I can do with just a piece of plastic just laying around to cut off of for other projects in the shop! Great video.

  • @djdrisco123

    This is an absolutely fantastic solution to boat deck supports. Wood is often used and rots from the water after a few years. This is light and will last about 500 years!

  • @fishergordon2382

    Be cool as a coat rack hook.

  • @johnnynolan7844

    Hey guys, construction guys use a "concrete vibrator" to remove air bubbles in wet material. Might be easier if your "furnace" or your mold vibrated

  • @avdeshnishad6937

    Can you tell me what material are you using to make to give shape perfect

  • @wadeott7463

    I had watched this or another video and at the end you asked for tips on making this process less labor intense not sure if you got any responses. But years ago I worked in plastic recycling plant what you need is an extruder basically just a pipe with a screw drive in it and wrap pipe with multiple e!extend heat bands that you can adjust to different heat settings since different plastics will melt at different heat and you can have one band hotter or cooler and by the time it comes out it will be perfect temperature you want for molding your boards. If you are interested I could draw you a picture and explain how it works if you guys haven't already figured it out for yourselves. Good luck!

  • @nileradford910

    This is so cool!!!!

  • @ynotbees9349

    2:40 OMG anyone know this sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet tune of 2024.. I know its Epidemic but would love to know if that's a specific song or not 🙂 Cheers lads , love the video on plastic too

  • @paulweidler2117

    How about a sausage stuffer attachment for a kitchenaid, with a heat gun or wrap around heater to make a homegrown extruder.

  • @mukhlisrachman3908

    What you gonna do with this waste plastic bar?

  • @mustelina

    Toxic fumes from melting plastic???

  • @dalemac89

    You could speed this up by using a BBQ fire pit and a large pan or wok of some description.

  • @Petrolfox669

    we go through a lot of 1x2s at the shooting range because they're used to staple cardboard targets to and they get shot a lot, this could be a cool way to produce cheaper ones and when they get blown apart you could just recycle the bits again

  • @user-nh9gl7ie1b

    I just thought that this would be a good way to store your stock of plastic. Like make this as one big batch then cut the pieces you need for your pens. Then as time goes on, you can always make another beam once you have enough to make another, or if you have a ton of material, make a few and you have predetermined colors all ready to go.

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