Climate Change Action Plan – Carbon Neutrality we are International Standards Organization 14001 – 2015 Auditors and our company Net Zero Analysis and Design Corp., Net Zero Analysis Japan Inc. Net Zero analysis Carbon Credit Trading Corp. and Entrex Carbon Market are all Carbon Neutral, so “We Eat What We Cook”!

As ISO International Auditors we have worked across a number of industries developing Carbon Offset Projects and Company Carbon Intensities (footprints) to the ISO 140060’s and through ISO 14001-2015 Audits to determine the Scope 1 & 2 Emissions factors and what to do with Scope 3 Vendor Emissions programs.

“Climate Change Action Plan – Carbon Neutrality” channel as a “How to” and “Educational” Channel focused on the terms and definitions of Carbon Neutrality for Business and Individuals, and what should be done to combat Climate Change, in our high tech world we are using more electrical power then ever before!

We will provide you with the skills, tools, and decision-making tools to determine your energy efficiency and carbon intensity (footprint), while showing you what truly reduces your carbon intensity (footprint).

We will look at the market places that have the largest carbon intensity behind transportation and decode what businesses and individuals can do on a personal and business level to effect change in their sphere of influence (voting with your dollars). Review businesses that are offsetting their carbon intensity (footprint), which deserve our support, as well businesses that need to improve!

Join us in the journey of discovering your Carbon Intensity moving through becoming Carbon Neutral!



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