Israel and Hamas head back to the negotiating table for the release of hostages, including some Americans. Hurricane beryl making landfall on the middle Texas coast early this morning. The category one storm bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds. President Joe Biden remains defiant in the wake of calls for him to step down as the Democrat’s Presidential candidate. One new documentary uses specific scripture to point out the biblical basis for standing with Israel. As debate goes on about climate change, a team of young conservatives is building a blueprint for the future.

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  • @darioustushabomwe6819

    Biden loves this seat. Imagine he was
    an AFRICAN Leader , He would die on the Seat

  • @OtagesBringthemhome_NOW

    Efam, I like these glasses even more, i can see your eyes/expression much better : ) But just in case you had not noticed it, the lenses are not fully anti-reflective from all angles, not really an issue for viewers unless it is for you guys. Keep up the good reporting ! thx Noa

  • @PompeyBoy66

    CO2 as the cause of global warming is a lie promoted by the Club of Rome, the WEF and other such bodies in order to introduce a global energy policy and thus a centrally controlled global economy.

  • @dawar-yu2ts

    The Muslims are not scared or impressed by you, you are nothing in the eye of a Muslim or Palestinian, you are the most biggest terrorist nation on the planet earth, do you know or realize that,if not you are simply stupid

  • @Pray4urenemies2day

    Are you sure you guys have enough microphones up there?

  • @user-db2fl3rl1n

    God bless you always

  • @nathanielfloress7029

    Godbless Israel 🇮🇱 Shabbat Shalom ☮️

  • @binupraisethelordanuja7984

    Praise the lord

  • @ryancuda45

    hamas is the dog faced pony soldier biden speaks about. cornpop was a bad dude. straight razors at the dance hall social.

  • @DemirelempireAtd

    Lo ok here is no way to
    peace without Jesus

  • @barryhogue571

    Every time Israel has to come back to the table to renegotiate, they should give back less and less. There's no urgency for Hamas to wrap it up if they think they have a chance to come out ahead. It should be clear that the best deal has already come and gone. It's only going to get worse.

  • @user-ze9yu9nn5u

    The truth for one

  • @johnstevenson3728

    lsrael shouldnt negotiate unless Sinwar is there in the negotiation

  • @johnstevenson3728

    hamas wont release the hostages ever , not unless they get everything they want and not even then

  • @zameedinshan9390

    You aren't saying anything about the amount of Palestinians who are displaced and Killed all you are saying is about the displaced Israelis and those who can't work. Old People have a Saying'Do fuhh do Nah Obeah

  • @anidiamond9414

    If the World called it Terrorist Israel . The Creator of Heaven and Earth Called Israelis God's Chosen.

  • @dj2r93d28

    May the Lord come back soon so the world can have peace for a thousand years, with the Lord ruling the whole earth, reigning from Jerusalem.

  • @pattyegroffel7834

    Thank you CBN for your concise reporting! Prayers for all in IDF, hostages,families!

  • @soulsearcher4038

    Hamas diaper army can never be trusted.

  • @l.rongardner2150

    Why does America tolerate that Hamas is holding U.S. hostages in Palestine but that Biden has done NOTHING to free them? This is insanity.

  • @Pappu_9065

    The world 🌍 can't see all this in Gaza , Terrorist Hamas did with the civilian

  • @Bewilderdashed11

    no hostages will be released until the israelis are totally OUT OF PALESTINIAN territories and the rebuilding starts. anyone who says any different hasnt been paying attention to a thing hamas says

  • @KarenVarnerPhillips

    Most of the world hates Israel forever!

  • @ProdByFlash10

    I haven’t heard Biden talk about the American hostages? Interesting

  • @leonhale8425

    It is a spiritual battle for sure, God Bless Israel

  • @avivacohen8785

    Unfortunately its not in the favor of Usrael. Hamas knows that hostages are their bargaining chip
    Do u really think Hamas will release them?? Who knows who is alive? Does red cross care?? Who saw them???

  • @MrClivemann

    Why are you broadcasting this nonsense!!! Hamas will never let them go!! They are terrorists!!

  • @Finetworks


  • @hadleyjones4163

    Adam shift says biden was debating a criminal, coming from a guy who pedals in lies knowing full well he was , is just to much ! Unbelievable.

  • @emiliemcrae9908

    “Every day I take a cognitive test “ and every day he fails.

  • @gumasimonpeter1780


  • @janetvalenzuela1253

    The scriptures knew how to push time from trouble to peaceful time…

    Haggai 2:8-9

  • @lovemusic20ification

    Don’t listen to Biden he is tooooooo old to think straight 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @virginiasmith5371

    Praying for the Israel citizens and soldiers to be safe and strong in fighting Hamas and
    Hezbola. I pray America will help rather than hinder. I hope and pray Trump will become president and the support to Israel will continue in the best way possible!

  • @Princelargo

    Absolutely Israel must not continue to be attacked. But Trust only in Hashem. Don't trust in horses nor chariots and certainly don't trust any man

  • @Princelargo

    Don't trust anything that has byeden involved. He loves the enemy too much

  • @moose9906

    The only conversation Joe Biden is going to have with the Almighty is when He tells Biden "depart from me you worker of iniquity"

  • @JaniceBlackmon

    Everybody knows something wrong with Joe Biden physical and mentally😊

  • @user-js7uo1pf5o

    Hamas attack was intended to be a complete take over of Israel. Their leaders thought they can do it, they were ready. I heard Iran were angrey with hamas or hezbola for jumping the gun that apperantly the ayatola didn't approve.

  • @meanukayea588

    This means hamas is really feeling the pressure of the war and hamas can not be trusted.

  • @igebamidele

    Tnks Lord Jesus hlp us experience ur peace dat superceded all wars…
    Pls bring d hostages back home those innocent babies, u r a miracle working God only u cn do pls Lord dis we pray,beg n cry for.

  • @bellaontau4585

    I think he should stay in 😂😂😂

  • @user-hv4hm5ov6x

    Bangamin nathanhu sir warld king ❤Esrayal Defence brothers sisters are Esrayal God son Esrayal Defence Dog sqard Esrayal God Animal ❤ Repate 7th October 2023 Alllll warld ❤ ji javan ji kesan ❤ God bless Alllll warld people's ❤❤❤❤❤

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