Konstantin Kisin adresses the woke who are open to a “rational argument” about climate change.



  • @user-nk9yl2wj3m

    you've got to go to college and major in underwater basket weaving to be woke and this fucking stupid to go green!!!

  • @jazzywayz9773

    I Live in Latin America, THIS MAN IS RIGHT!!!!!

  • @samwilliams352

    How can someone as smart as Konstantin fail to address the issue of extant, worldwide, geoengineering programs? It has been publicly acknowledged at the UN that there are multiple international weather modification programs underway. This is probably the real reason for "climate change"!

  • @rodpark442

    Awesome speech

  • @frankkelleher8301

    9 minutes of nonsense. If climate change is slowed down or stopped it will be because solar and wind power have become so cheap that it is a no-brainer to replace fossils fuels with them. This applies to the poor countries that this arrogant gentleman refers to as much as it does to rich ones.

  • @user-xy8es3rw4i

    wow wow he said 20%, not 90 as in subtitle

  • @fuzzybunnyslippers8155

    Climate bullshit is a scam.

  • @theoneeditor399

    For clarification this MAN didn't speak english he spoke FACTS

  • @TwoHemiViewer

    Woke was created by WEF The World Economic Forum and the CCP China to divide and disrupt society for an eventual world take over.

  • @Jack-ur5or

    He hit the nail squarely on the head with a very big hammer!

  • @billiebruv

    We need to consume more so we can all speak great english and dress nicely. Rich people are important, let's keep it that way

  • @BazColne

    Good boy.

  • @mathboy8188

    "One of the tenants of wokeness is that your feelings matter more than the truth."
    Hmmmm… that assertion is what's know as… what's it called, again? … oh yeah, that's what's called a "lie".
    The irony, the hypocrisy… it's all too funny.

  • @grahamcmusic

    The real point is that there is very little link between CO2 and climate change The link is a lying money making scam

  • @turtledove8858

    Just listen to an actual CLIMATE scientist, then see if you still believe in climate change. Please!

  • @usatrooper5045

    We need this man to run the United States of America 🤔🤪🇺🇲

  • @MrMightyytau

    Konstantin, is a brilliant speaker

  • @lppbntso1

    The climate has always been changing since the beginning of the solar system and there is nothing we can do about it.

  • @user-uy1wf8wd6y

    You hit the nail on the head.

  • @OJB42

    Konstantin stating rational facts instead of unrealistic, emotional, woke BS. We need more of this.

  • @ELDuderino597

    World population has doubled in the last 50 years. Too many people. Join the dots and its obvious what's causing climate change. Fewer people means less consumption. I agree with what Agent Smith said in 'The Matrix'.

  • @1099jabber

    China is leading the world in renewablesWind and solar energy are expected to overtake coal in the country's electricity production capacity for the first time in 2024, making up 40% of total installed capacity.6 Feb 2024
    So i think this pulls apart this argument…

  • @larky3487

    biggest thing you can actually do without destroying the planet by saying your saving the planet…plant a meadow for the pollinators, repurpose things before throwing out.

    hey tree huggers those recycling plants took energy to build, more pollution driving the additional recycle vehicle, more pollution to burn those items, or it gets transported to china…see nothing are solutions, they are trade-offs

  • @davidjackson2690

    The future of our planet depends on GOD.

  • @michaelherzog3234

    Stunningly, humans can not control the climate. How long beofre the Left and right wake up to the science that the Sun drives the climate by keeping earth in its orbit for Phuks sake. Clouds and water vapor regulate the weather in the different climate zones. 9th grade earth science taught me this. It hasn't changed.

  • @Darryl-ci5pv

    Climate change doesn't exist in fact it never existed and it never will it's a brainwashing technique that is working very well on dumb brain washed people. See what happens when you worship mother nature and not Father God?

  • @user-ik4fd9ny4b

    2023 was the hottest summer on record (so they say). Prior to this 2021 was the hottest summer on record. 2021 just eked out the last hottest summer which was 128 YEARS AGO!
    With the aggressive climate change, that activists speak of you would’ve thought we would have had at least 10 summers hotter since 1896?

  • @MaTDoN-ce2bl

    vaccine hit hard on this one! fullretarted now!

  • @throckmortensnivel2850

    2% of global emissions with less than 1% of the world's population. This argument is often raised, but is completely spurious. Almost all of the countries in the world emit less than 2% of emissions. Indeed, only 5 countries emit more than 2% of total emissions. So, based on this argument, nearly 200 countries would just ignore the problem. Kisin really has to up his a game. This argument is a non-starter.

  • @Piasoul

    Thank U🎉

  • @kenalbrecht5649

    Well stated sir.

  • @kaychan3241

    Before you comment about other countries you need to go there first hand before you make judgement. Now I refuse to believe what you have to say… you seem like a liar to me!

  • @carolgrier7774

    I can't believe that not one person has come straight to the point. We are helping pollute the earth, but our weather has been changing up about every 10,000 years. I live with 3 seasons, but right where i live, 10,000 years ago it was Tropical. Why do people think they can stop a natural occurrence? Get a grip.

  • @derekholmstrom3648

    AWESOME SPEECH 👏👏🙋👍🙏💓😇😎

  • @promaster1351

    this is all really nothing more than BS to take and destroy the USA and take its money and freedom by dreaming up this deception in the name of safety and climate lies……this is all BS….you can not change the climate nor what it does by spending money on stuff that will not effect it in any degree to alter the earths atmosphere and weather conditions……..4000 yrs ago it rained for 40 days and nights and that climate change and there were no oil companies, no gas engines, no fossil fuels or even coal plants…so why di it rain so long..what caused it…find that out and then can one know how to change the climate…….and yes there is an answer…….its free and simple……even the insurance companies have such written in their policies when weather causes destruction……

  • @hippophile

    I believe after taking on board a LOT of evidence and also a lot of cynicism and distrust of authority that climate change is happening.

    And THIS argument, so cogently put by Konstantin is the exact reason that I think Net Zero plans in this country are fatally flawed, and Just Stop Oil is a set of largely insufficiently educated people who are being used as useful idiots (we can argue who might be using them, that is not important here; there are at least four suspects).

    India, China, Russia and South America are NOT going to stop using fossil fuels UNLESS there is an equal or better alternative. The USA is probably not. The best we can do is get our sources of energy from the best places: wind turbines, solar panels yes; and the North Sea. And as Konstantin says, invent new solutions.

  • @lynnmacleod5005

    I had a conversation with a woke person some 10 yesrs ago,,,,they praised our country getting off coal (even though coal can be burned clean through scrubbers) and on to solar panels and windmills,,,

    He told me,,,that it was not the burning of coal that was the problem,,,,it was the mining that was the problem. 10 years later, 2023 our country mines and exports 40 thermal tons of coal to China.
    While china pays 3 cents per kwh for energy,,,,,we pay 30 cents per kwh for energy,,,, and our coal mines were not shut down,,,they ramped up and now we shit our coal over seas

    An absolutly collosal failure,,,,and has plunged first world countries into poverty.

  • @brandonpaavola5634

    I never heard a outdoor shitter described so eloquently

  • @ernesthood2647

    Wow! A speech on common sense.

  • @elwynjones8125

    Misguided bullshitter. – Paid by the Oil Lobby?

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