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I want to express my gratitude to the Airports Authority of India, the Civil Aviation Ministry and most especially the Prime Minister of India for the attention and support they’ve given to our humble appeal to rescue the New airport terminal at Leh and transform it from a carbon intensive airport to a Carbon Neutral Airport.
I’m very impressed at the swiftness and responsiveness of the PMO in sending a team lead by its Deputy Secretary Sh Mangesh Ghildiyal to take stock of the airport and the overall status of carbon neutrality in UT Ladakh.
My appeal for a review of the Leh airport is not new, in fact for the last three years I have been appealing to various levels of AAI through some six meetings at the local level. However, the response was slow and the speed of work on the wrong design was very fast and efficient, so I had to take to social media and appeal to the honourable Prime Minister to take timely measures before it’s too late.
At the same time, it’s important to note that I don’t have anyone to blame for the existing design of the airport because this airport was conceived and designed at a time when carbon neutrality was not a huge issue. However ever since our honourable Prime Minister declared Ladakh to be a carbon neutral region and more recently India to be carbon neutral country by 2070 at COP 26, it has become incumbent upon all of us to do everything possible to realize this noble vision. In this endeavour our institute Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh (HIAL) wanted to contribute our small part to make this airport an example for the world.
In the current concept, the Leh airport seems to be designed for some other climate/location other than Ladakh. There is heavy emphasis on air conditioning… to the tune of a using a 700 KW system to be powered by diesel generators. On the other hand, heating in winter is all based on diesel boilers to the tune of 3.5 MW while ignoring the solar heat the building will be capturing from the glazed south façade which will be to the tune of 1 MW and over a day roughly 4 MWh of solar heat energy could enter the building free of cost. Since this free clean energy is not considered, the southern glazing has been given an inverse tilt and the glass proposed to be used is of low solar absorption, as would be the done for hotter climates. In all this, insulation, which is the most cost effective way of saving resources, emission and pollution is very insufficient in the walls, some roofs and completely non-existent in the floors.
Broadly speaking we have proposed eliminating diesel boilers and DG sets (except one stand by), to replace with passive solar heating/cooling through:
Enhancement of insulation in walls, roof and flooring,
Using the roughly 4 MWh solar gain from the south façade of the airport,
Using the Geo-thermal heat gain from the 100 Cu M of ground water pumped daily,
Using efficient Heat Pumps instead of diesel boilers,
Using waste heat recovery from the standby diesel generator (in conjunction with heat pumps), in times of simultaneous cloudy weather and grid failure.
In the end I must say that I’m most impressed and touched by the promptness of action on behalf of the PMO. Similarly, the heads Of the AAI – Airports Authority of India have been very cooperative and have given us all their support in sharing data and design details and it is thanks to them that we are able to propose a new concept which will make the Leh airport completely carbon neutral and will save the exchequer foreign reserves to the tune of 10 crores per year and of course carbon emissions to the tune of 10 tons per day.

If executed well, this airport could become a glorious example for the whole country and the world.
Sonam Wangchuk

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  • @samchalohana4423

    Indians is lucky to have a scientist like Sonam Wanchuk Sir, also Mr Patel for organic farming and so many others

  • @jitumishra3202

    We need proper Entrance exam for becoming politician in India. Until then we will keeping idiot ministers in cabinet and opposition who don’t know shit about science and completely ignore top advisors, scientists, environmentalists…..
    JAI HIND 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳

  • @pradeeppandey963

    I have a question. When Bharat Ratna award becomes more prestigious by honoured by accepting by the real meaning of greatness of respected Shri Sonam W. Sir.

  • @yashodadhyani3843

    Sonam sir , apse milna ho to baat krni ho to kese kre sir?

  • @yashodadhyani3843

    U r grt person 👍🏻

  • @manubhai2592

    great educated person should be like him. sahi ko sahi aur galat ko galat bolne ka dum hota hai.

  • @viveksoni4104

    I like his idea of insulation to save environment

  • @deepaksjihs

    A true example of humbleness, knowledge, vision and wisdom.

  • @studentofthedecade4324

    Imagine what India could have become if this man becomes the Prime Minister.

    I can only pray to have at least one man like you in my country Nepal.

  • @jaitekchandani1690

    Bail Buddhist nahi sunega

  • @gajendrapatil1762

    What a solution Sir , Salute to you .

  • @soulprovider9560


  • @rakeshmahakud110

    Inexperience has many choices but experience has few. He is a really scientific person

  • @namgaildorjey6650

    that's true sir unfortunately I get to this just before a week and I really goes into the same thought, it's not an carbon neutral at all in any case. If flight attend increase pollution will also increase and noise pollution. Thanks for making this video. Love to see u after completing my studies.

  • @pkbasak525

    Sonam jee,
    We support of your right thoughts.
    Definitely your scientific thinking will develop the area.
    We also thank our dynamic young Prime Minister Modi jee.
    We will meet you at Leh when we will visit there.

  • @mycollection3679

    we need more people like him in Bhutan. In desung organization we need him to give us some skill so we can change the world.

  • @vishwajeetrana2716

    He deserves bharat ratna

  • @vbigor768

    i visited leh in the month of march 2022 where is new airport? if that is new then it needs improvements

  • @parthadebbarma9143


  • @chombeurgyen1762

    Tashi delek sir 🙏Genla huge respect for your each n every action to give us the knowledge how to save Mother Earth 🌍 thukjeche nang 🙏🇮🇳🥰👍👏✌️réal son of soil👍👏✌️🇮🇳

  • @bushmaster777

    Great recommendations. However I was wondering about the huge requirement of ground water for heating and cooling all year round. Will it not case water table depletion? What happens to this water after it has been passed through heat exchangers? I guess getting water from Indus or a stream next door through insulated pipes and then utilising that water for domestic use both within the airport and beyond will be a good idea.

  • @amitavadutt621

    Sir ,you are the pride of India 🙏 Hats off to you 👍

  • @ianworrall5717

    I have come to expect this level of stupidity from Govt. but am amazed that you were able to effect a change from the airport authority maybe there is hope after all! bravo!

  • @user.337

    Sir u should guid those Dum engineers, why modi government is wasting tax payers money 🤦‍♂️

  • @akankshaanand6773

    We need a govt and policy dialogues that will be better than this “Greenwashing” We need to have people who would hold themselves accountable to stay true to this vision of becoming carbon neutral! We need this now….

  • @yuvrajsingh.8049

    2:04 just wow power of education

  • @shivanandpatel1597

    Shreemann ji hmm apko hi apna idol manten hain !

  • @kishorkumarsingh931

    Bureaucracy and the political elite in general are so reckless , think they are God ! This government is a bit different . Please give him consultancy fee.

  • @hari7priya

    Can we have you as our next President of India?

  • @hari7priya

    This is how we people should work together

  • @rigzinyangdol2889

    It's already looking like an architectural disaster.Look at Bhutan's airport . Structural changes needs to made so that the core architectural design gels with the local design.

  • @varunsuman4994

    Now I can surely say , You are no less inspirational than any great scientist or politician . Sir , you a good (& practical) example of how doing simple ( so called ) thing can bring a great change in society .

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