Teck Resources, the mining firm behind Alberta’s largest proposed oilsands project, is vowing to reduce its emissions to net zero. Several oil and gas companies have made similar promises, but is that even possible? Heather Yourex-West has a reality check.

For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/6581371/teck-resources-frontier-oilsands-mine-alberta-rejection-charge/
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  • @EasyThere

    Can a planet that runs on Carbon be carbon neutral? No Global. No wonder you need government welfare to stay out of the red. CBC -2.0

  • @skepticalcanuck2078

    "Globalism is a world system where the overwhelming majority of the human population are dominated, controlled and exploited by a political, economic and media elite."

  • @mikeschauer2263

    Alberta's natural gas and oil can help China and india bring thier carbon footprint down.

  • @brandont4693

    Did you know more CO2 in the air creates more trees in earth which turns the CO2 into oxygen (grade 2 science) and doesn't actually change the climate or warm the earth and that this is all propaganda for government agendas and population control?

  • @timbucktoo6633

    Carbon neutral! These folks are a special kind of stupid. I suppose in their fairy world unicorns exists too.

  • @MrFialdark


  • @kenhunt9863

    There are ways to make all fossil fuels clean, it cost a little more, some one needs to put their foot down and make it happen

  • @_rob_.

    Moving parts need lubricant.

    Lubricants are manufactured.

    Manufacturing takes energy.

    Good luck.

  • @tommcd8471

    Reality check: Can global survive without government handouts, and are they able to be impartial while receiving those funds?

  • @Stormrunner0002

    The GG thinks Canadians can take Mars. They are trying to condition us. She's a nut, and so is Star Wars Justine.

  • @hallives939

    Such garbage. This is what the climate hysteria cult has given us, twisted tortured reasoning.

  • @bingbangdone497

    The media and MP releases that seem to say that TMX and Teck will lose $ for Canada are about as accurate as the science behind global warming. Check the stats.

  • @JesseWetherell

    Too little too late, they have understood the problem for long enough and have probably spent enough money on lobbying, money that could have seen us become carbon neutral in just the last 20 years.
    Criminal unethical money grabbing shallow ignorant elitist idiotic ideologues.
    Apes having trouble controlling them selves.

    P.S. This is not news it's a lobby mouthpiece.

  • @jasonmurphy9855

    Y3dla cold fusion tech , we had it since the 40s

  • @heckler73

    Reality Check: Does anyone care except people who know next to nothing about the physics?

  • @seamusferguson326

    Carbon reduction is now…
    Net zero, carbon neutral…
    I need a degree in "Climate Science" to keep up…
    With the new nonsense word speak…

  • @Imakulak

    Better embrace nuclear…

  • @tryingtohit10kwithoutconte51


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