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Can the startup world be replicated in a political system?
A German startup is hoping it can, with an incubator system for people with political ideas.

In the startup world, someone with an interesting business idea can apply to be a part of an incubator.
At the incubator, the potential founder gets financial support, as well as help from mentors and experts.
But can this system be replicated for political ideas?
A Berlin-based startup thinks so.
“Join Politics is an unaligned startup that looks for political talents, and supports them in order to develop solutions for the big questions of our time, and to implement them politically,” explains Caroline Weimann, co-founder of Join Politics.
Anyone can apply to be a part of the program, which includes 50,000 euro in financial support as well as mentoring.
In the test phase, the so-called beta phase, three teams were selected for the support.
One is working to connect politicians and residents in the city of Magdeburg. Another one set up a political education foundation.
“We are currently seeing that many, especially young people, are going into the startup world. Or they go into the social startup world, in which I worked before,” says Weimann
“And we would like the same for politics. That young people – young people who might think a bit differently than what you see in established structures – that they have support.”
Just like any startup incubator, Join Politics have received funding, mostly in the form of donations from individuals but also support from organisations.
However, the donors have no say in how the program is developed or what people are picked for the incubator program.
Currently around 60 teams are under consideration for the next round, when around five teams will be chosen in February.
Over the last few years a lot of young people have become politically active.
Tens of thousands joined the Fridays for Future climate change demonstrations.
There is an appetite for political projects that often is not supported by the established political parties, says Weimann.
“With us there is the possibility to really test solutions, and to do that in the safe framework with the appropriate support. And then, the solution can also be scaled,” she says.
“In the classic system of the political parties that is often not possible.  There isn’t just any place where you can go and knock on the door and say ‘hey this is my team, I have a great idea. Can I have a little help and just give it a try?’
Over the last year there has also been a radicalisation.
One example is the thousands of people demonstrating against the coronavirus pandemic restrictions in Germany.
Join Politics hopes to work against the extreme ends of the political spectrum.
“We believe that the promotion of political talents with good ideas is more important than ever before. We see extreme and loud voices that polarize and divide people. And we want to support people who develop really concrete solutions and are able to show the majority of the people a positive future,” says Weimann.

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