The European policy landscape surrounding CDR is shifting rapidly, with developments at both the EU and national levels. OpenAir is excited to host Sebastian Manhart of Carbonfuture to discuss his analysis of:

– Carbon removal targets and policies at the national level across Europe including a discussion of best practices and opportunities.
– Developments and key open questions for the European Carbon Removal Certification Framework.

The future of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and what it means for CDR.
Following the presentation, we’ll open the floor to audience Q&A moderated by OpenAir’s Megha Raghavan.

About Sebastian:

Sebastian Manhart is a climate advocate, leveraging his skills and experiences to support policy makers in making better decisions for our planet. He is the Senior Policy Advisor of Carbonfuture, the world´s leading platform for high-quality carbon dioxide removal (CDR), accounting for around a quarter of all deliveries of high durability CDR in 2022. He is a Cambridge and Harvard trained economist, who spent a decade as a tech entrepreneur and advised Angela Merkel´s Chancellery as well as the World Bank.



  • @hellyf4087

    This has helped me learn a great deal, thank you! Currently looking and interviewing to get into CDR Analysis at companies that value transparency, although I personally have an e-commerce data background.

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