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With both homelessness rates and the cost of homes continuing to climb in the U.S., one startup described as the “IKEA of houses” is determined to make beautifully-designed, affordable housing more accessible.

What truly sets NODE’s homes apart is that they’re designed to be carbon neutral, and some even carbon negative. The startup is confronting both the housing crisis and climate change with their energy efficient homes.

NODE’s houses are shipped in boxes and designed to be constructed quickly. The startup’s goal is to make it possible for the houses to be assembled by just four people in two weeks.

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  • @freethink

    What do you think of this approach?

  • @CraigCastanet

    Please, you have a great message. Don't call it a right. That is slavemaster talk. You don't have a right to another person's property, labor, or mind. You have a great concept, that you will sell for a fair price, that serves your interest and mine. The free market is a beautiful thing. Thanks.

  • @GoldenOldies-007

    all those outside hallways are a no go in Washington state. no one wants to put on rain gear to go from the bedroom to the living room. I like the basic idea, just not this particular design.

  • @greenberetg.b6793

    Curious how they deal with waste tho, like toilets, food waste and all that. Would be perfect to have like a composting system for the food waste for example, for the toilet part tho, no clue, perhaps have it somehow incinerated or turned into compost as well

  • @dannyg1195

    This idea is decades overdue. I wish you all the success with your vision.

  • @mnoo2600

    Love the innovation and the desire to solve a problem behind it. Something to address is making sure that it is appropriate for different climates, the cold North or the hunid South. My biggest personal concern is indoor air pollution. As someone who suffers from multiple chemical sensitivities and allergens, which have been possibly linked to mold exposure, I am looking for a home that my family and I can live in that has zero to low VOC and near impossible to be a habitat for mold. That’s a tall order, I know, but just something to think about.

  • @vwebassist4215

    This from you all in Seattle? The house is ugly and very poorly designed. The thought that we build homes using the same concept as us making a kitchen cabinet. I think of the story of three liittle pigs, Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in. To call this a Carbon-Negative Dream House, its none of those word to discribe this structure.

  • @mikesmnell414

    They’re reinventing the 1900s precut house that could be built in weeks.

  • @pavel7576

    It’s not even about prices fast assembled houses, it’s all about politics and regulations. Every country has enough resources and goods. It’s always about people who exploit others… other ways we have enough food and houses for every human…

  • @paulsingirok4600


  • @yungshaaaa777

    I would like to be behind this mission.

  • @arkatub

    Homes are already affordable, we can make as many of them as we want, it is just illegal.

  • @danielbougie4414

    Say goodbye to densification.

  • @oceanwonders

    In high-cost cities, it's the land that's expensive. This helps but it's not the silver bullet.

  • @DavidStartsArt

    Does it come with electricity, water system, Wi-Fi , shower, bathroom, kitchen or ac

  • @cutthebullshi

    Node’s website doesn't work

  • @Schlipperschlopper

    In Germany soon they start tearing down the houses of people that dont follow the renovation and energy saving orders of the EU! The state expropriates the houses if the people do not implement all energy-saving conversions within 2 years! In entire EU from 2030 on!!!! People just cant afford investing 300.000 Euros in an averarge home! And they all loose their houses!

  • @nvcn86

    who needs insulation.

  • @landof8

    So you have a house, in Washington state, that you have to walk outside to go to a different room. 🤔


  • @landof8

    It doesn't take a year to build a house, I built my 1800 Sq foot house in less than 3 months, including the foundation.

    Would have been sooner but rain slowed it down.

  • @ThePhantomdv8

    Sorry, but we didn’t find out about the homes. Only their intentions.

  • @karadanvers6136

    I am so glad there is an immigrant shortage bc finally maybe employers will realize how much they do and maybe when they get some workers again, pay them their worth.

  • @rabbitnz02

    Can you ship to New Zealand?

  • @gorgebridge

    $250 per sq ft is not affordable at all.

  • @zumbasoccermom

    Does it withstand hurricanes and earthquakes? Get woke go BROKE!

  • @mantralife6620

  • @beautifulcrazy

    Mmm flat pack for ordinary people and brick and mortar for the rich

  • @rndm89

    Interesting concept, but my question is how long do these houses last? What's their realistic life cycle? a traditional well built house can survive 100+ years, can something like this even come close to that?

  • @szabobenjamin9247

    why ikea in hungary video 😄

  • @thewhiskeybarrel9603

    Flat roofs can be an issue and I didn’t see any gutters. Also I didn’t learn anything about waste for plumbing, how the home is heated and cooled or what cost would entail.

  • @lilimili5541

    phone numbers hyperlinks

  • @3506Dodge

    this would be great in some parts of the country, but it wouldn't work in the Midwest or Northeast. The outdoor spaces wouldn't be useable much of the year.

  • @qttri517

    nice talking points but nothing to show for.

  • @InYoPie

    Isn't that floating fireplace like $15k?

    Affordability… ?

  • @thelordofgifts5343

    Amazing now bakc it up! Give me one 😎

  • @BearsThatCare

    A big part of sustainable homes is density. Unless they are also going to grow all their own food and find their own water, it's not sustainable for most people to live in single family housing in some forrest (or anywhere).

  • @fookschool

    This video was an ABSOLUTE WASTE of my time. VERY misleading. The whole stupid video they talk about reducing cost and blaming things instead of discussing actual solutions. They never show the setup of a single one of those or even hint at the low cost pricing (which i guarantee is in the low to mid 6 figures. Unsubscribed and reporting to save other people the absolute waste of time.

  • @johnnyharperscoutstable5386

    Been thinking of this for over ten years now… getting land is half the battle… I’m all about this. I’m hoping I can achieve and acquire these things in my lifetime…🐸🍺🔪🔥

  • @user-to6ee5fj4k

    is it heatproof for use of other countries with high temp climate?

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