Unilever is a global company producing hundreds of brands and sales in over 170 conutries. 2 million times a day someone somwhere uses a Unilever brand.

Watch where our sustainable growth story began and where it has taken us to and will take us today and in the future.

Visit Unilever’s careers website http://www.unilever.com/careers/?WT.GNAV=Careers



  • @katehillier1027

    Butter must be the best to eat if a multinational demonises it. So I will tuck in and enjoy the wonderful world of BUTTERS: French, craft British, organic grass fed.
    Margarine is industrial processed unhealthy unatural food.
    At least my butter comes from cows in grass fields.
    Happy animals tasty meals.

  • @katehillier1027

    NOT butter yeech!

  • @ocurro

    Stop using animals for food and testing on animals!

  • @LifeOhLife1981

    margarine ISNOT an alternative to butter because butter is not bad!! i make my best NOT to buy anything by uniliever!!! my money is MINE!!!

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