In this guide we show you a quick and easy location for Where To Farm Precision Code Analyzers In The First Descendant

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  • @Kenjjoo

    Just tried this farm, apparently you can get every type of code analyzer on here. Got a precision and ultra precision in 1 run. The farm still works. 9/7/2024

  • @jomaraguirre3592

    Lmao I must have shit luck then I been farming this for at least one hour and have gotten none

  • @TumbelakaRiga

    So this drop from any mission? it just random luck? I check the info on mine and it all show only drop in hard mode

  • @israellopez9766

    Lol its funny because you can only get enzo transcend mods from vaults

  • @TrendingShorts6611

    Okay for the people who are watching this. When you stop getting the codes just re enter the map

  • @TrendingShorts6611

    Still works and works perfectly i think the more you get the less likely you’ll keep getting em over time

  • @Joy_Boy45

    I Did it For 2 Hours No Drops. Did They Patch This?

  • @adayrodriguez135


  • @sovereign7656

    This is a decent spot for lower levels. Agna Desert may have better spots latter on though.

  • @xshanks5659

    Whoever is struggling to get a precision code analyzer on sterile land, try farming in the Agna Desert. In the previous construct team quarters questline at the storage, I got plenty of precious code analyzers.

  • @ChegMegg

    Was this farm fixed recently? I farmed for one Hour and didnt got a single one
    24 hours ago i farmed for 1 hour and got about 10 keys.

    Anyways Good Video!

  • @Benzinilinguine

    4 in 25 minutes with Valby

    Now I just have to farm the boxes for Gley. I am not having fun.

  • @rise5287

    how to find ultra – pescision code

  • @Damon_Of_The_Sharingan

    thank you man, i've been trying to find a farm for these so i can open those ulti bunny boxs in the fortress, those items for her are a pain in the ass to get.

  • @ur_shulgi9133

    Crazy that the code analyzers aren't listed in 'rewards' when looking at the spots… Thx for this!!

  • @oxsila

    Nah if an item doesn't drop after doing an activity 20 times that's enough for me. What a joke

  • @KaZmN

    its drop ultra to or just normal ?

  • @RyakesXX

    Done 100 runs and got 0. Just some info for you guys

  • @alonsolimon2639

    En vespers hay un robot que t pide eso para interactuar con el aunque no pude hacer su misión porq no sabía d q era y falle los 3 intentos jaja pensé q era como Warframe sin límite jaja por eso vine a ver cómo se farmeaba

  • @Up4Review

    Did it for likenan hour got zero code analyzers

  • @yowza2404

    Thank you

  • @iAmDiBBz

    doing higher level content yeilds you more consistent code analyzer keys. As they drop from enhanced enemies & elites. White Knight Gultch has a mission in it in which you can activate 4 DNA repositories. Activate them all and run around nuking. they spawn alot of frequent enhanced enemies and a fair few elites. youre chances at obtaining a key are greatly higher there

  • @CamwenUwU

    Thanks for the guide. Yeah, some of the places talking about how to get these neglects to mention that you get these from MONSTERS inside of the missions, not the missions themselves. This is easily the fastest way to get these, especially if you overlevel the mission. I got the route to do this mission down to an easy 30 seconds or less if I use my movement speed burst as Viessa.

  • @lumberjackgamins7966

    even with enzo the lag is terrible…. just put it as a drop.

  • @tungle6962

    ~ 1hour and none

  • @flamezgamer3218

    Damn I grinded hrs to end game just to get hit with a game mode I suck at

  • @acembd7813

    Just a quick tip:

    Try to save the farming for those vaults until you have Enzo. Try to open those if you really need tha mats but I would wait until you have Enzo to go throat-deep on farming those vaults. That dude makes opening those vault so easy. The minigame stages is cut down to 1-2 stages and the highlighted area you will be clicking has thrice the size for easy clicks and you get the rare drops on those vaults too for the module enhancements via his passive.

    Also if you have the time, max out your Thunder Cage. It will help you out a lot in high level kuiper farming on White-Night if you have no built Bunny.

  • @Puppet3902

    this shit is horrible. and the mini game is soo bad rn

  • @pinateam1216

    10 runs and i only got 1 lol
    edit: 20 runs and still got 1 (i needed 2), i give up

  • @tylercarter6207

    In about 20min from 250 kupier shard 55,000 2 ultra precision get the consumable drop rate equipment on you character

  • @kadirdje

    i'l explain this a bit more…it's not a mission reward it can drop from any monster randomly and the drop chance isn't 20% way lower you can't target farm it as mission reward u just kill random enemies and eventually it will drop the "ultra" drops in a bit higher level zone like the desert and above

  • @tasneem94cool

    some one else can open it near you and you will still get the loot but the vault will be gone as if you opened it


    Man , I did it 50 time for just ONE code :(((

  • @TacticalDorito

    how do you get hardener?

  • @CliffyDoesDallas

    My hero thank u

  • @Ubeleili

    Just wasted two ultra precise ones on the ultra precise vault trying to open it. It requires extreme reflexes with extremely low ping or simply extremely good luck I guess. Seems to me to be completely impossible to open those precise vaults.

    Also, on the map, they dont appear in the list of possible mission reward items. Also noticed that it didn't show in the acquired items on the right side of your screen after you beat that final "boss". It only appeared when you held down F2 to check rewards. … So are these just random reward from any mission? Any activity?

  • @testsubjectt001

    over 20 runs and nothing.

  • @Robytsii

    Thank you.
    It's working.
    In the first few runs i got none, and then i got 3x in one run. It's all about luck.
    Good luck everyone!

  • @Sumowning

    No long intro, no thumbnail bait. Just quick and concise to the point with the guide, nice! Keep it up ❤

  • @van6868

    been at it for a half hour with no luck, maybe it's just my luck

  • @Star-ef6dr

    This video needs an algorithm boost like holy hell… Took me too long to get here to the info I was searching for.
    Thanks for making something that is actually helpful.

  • @johnboy1267

    maybe say wtf you do or do you just get it as a drop?

  • @Chronottx


  • @Yumika76

    Farming for Enzo's skill modules is actually ridiculously grindy. All 4 of his skill modules drop from only Ultra Rare Vaults. Been playing since launch and I've only gotten 2 Ultra Precision Code Analyzers.

  • @YuY956

    l have problem When I open the game it appears Notice Game login faild [LF:13] can anybody help

  • @retarted_

    bro,tell me pls,where farm purple code analyzers((((

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